NuBoard offers several in-stadium activation services including, In-Seat distribution, Seat-Pak Activations, Card-Flash, In-Seat Sampling programs, Gate Distribution and Experiential services. These programs are cost-effective and managed 100% turnkey by NuBoard.

Gate Distribution

NuBoard manages full or partial stadium activations for brands & properties to greet fans at gate entrances with a premium item, call-to-action pieces or samples.

Click on videos below for example: Card-Flash & Seat-Pak Activations.

In-Seat Distribution

NuBoard Media manages full stadium fulfillments for brands or properties that want to access fans right at their seat with a premium, call-to-action or sampling item placed in cup holders, arm rests or adhered to bench seats.

In-Seat Distribution + Premium


NuBoard Media activates sporting events year-round and is the only company that offers this unique service that makes your purchasing process easier. We deliver both the premium plus the in-seat distribution together.

Seat-Pak™ Activation

Seat-Pak activations allow brands to dominate events in terms of visual presence. Bags are placed on every seat, containing measurable collateral items (INSERTS) inside to effectively reach 100% of the fan base.

Card-Flash Activation

NuBoard Media also offers Card-Flashes (card stunts). Images spell out your message in-stadium when fans hold up color-coordinated cards.

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